Your non-profit organization is saluting a person-of-the-year at your all-important fundraiser.

Delight your audience and honouree with a really fun personal biography video. Be it a little more reverential or a lot more whimsical, Toronto’s Your Life Productions will deliver.

When the reviews come in the next day, instead of “Yawn; another same-old video,” you’ll hear: “Now that was amazing!”

Your Foundation might need a more serious video to show the important work you do and how people benefit from it. In the website’s “Portfolio” section you can see examples of stirring shows we produced for the University of Toronto/United Hospital Network and for the Terry Fox Research Institute.

These clips from some classic person-of-the-year tributes showcase different styles and concepts. Included are the late Ted Rogers doing a phoney “Q & A” interview, a surgical team at Mt. Sinai Hospital and a cameo from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

More  Person-of-the-Year Tribute Video samples

Horrible things happened at Chabad Lubavitch of Southern Ontario when they made their frugal person-of-the-year their Chief Efficiency Officer. Watch clips from this news mockumentary produced for their 2017 fundraiser.

To salute the founder of a gold-mining company, we produced an A & E-style Biography. Here’s the opening sequence.

Jewish National Fund’s 2011 person-of-the-year was John Tory, now the Mayor of Toronto.  This clip is from a mockumentary which saw the civic leader lose an election for the Chief Rabbi of Canada…to a sock!