Our two most popular products for families are tribute videos and legacy videos.

TRIBUTE VIDEOS are often produced for landmark birthdays and milestone wedding anniversaries. They mix humour and sentiment, can be scripted or unscripted and are usually done as a surprise - without the involvement of the honouree. Each of our biographical documentaries is personalized and can come in any number of styles and forms: from roasty to more reverential.  

LEGACY VIDEOS are different. This is where the family matriarch or patriarch wants to put their life story on video while their health and memory is still good: the family history/genealogy; life highlights; life lessons; all the great anecdotes - a wonderful  keepsake for the children and grandchildren. Our life-story videos can be done very simply or more elaborately. Meticulous preparation and our strong interview skills ensure that the person(s) being videotaped is very comfortable and delivers the best-possible material.

These clips from some classic birthday tributes showcase different styles and concepts. You’ve heard of Judge Judy? Meet Judy Hedy.

Birthday Video Sample

A friend of this 50th-birthday honouree was keen on doing a “Doctor Evil” parody at the last minute - so we found a way to make it fit nicely into the rest of the video. Here’s the first 1.5 minutes of the show.

Anniversary Video sample

Back in 2001, we produced a tribute video for a 25th-wedding-anniversary party in Beirut and another for a 50th-anniversary party in Chicago. The samples here showcase our writing and concepts.

Legacy video sample

Town Shoes chain founder Leonard Simpson left room for humour—and shoe animation—in his life-story legacy video. Watch a clip on his family history and a whimsical section on what he does during his winters in Florida.