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To paraphrase Andy Warhol, we believe that everyone deserves their "15 minutes of fame" (or 10, or 20!). And that every company has an amazing story to tell.

A Your Life video can:

  • Track an honouree's life and career
  • Salute strengths and celebrate quirks
  • Feature 'blasts from the past' (favourite teacher, first boss)
  • Weave together pictures, interview clips and dramatizations
  • Cleverly combine information and humour
  • Give that special someone an unforgettable thrill
  • Double as a spectacular gift, and the party entertainment

A Your Life video can also:

  • Commemorate your company's milestone anniversary
  • Tell the life story of your family's matriarch or patriarch
  • Add excitement and humour to a meeting
  • Make your group's fundraiser the 'talk of the town'
  • Eliminate the need for your company's entire senior staff to give speeches (yes they can make multi-million dollar deals, but can they keep their speech to two exciting minutes?)

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