Process — 12 Step

The Your Life 12-step process

Seems like everyone these days has a 12-step program — and we're no different. The process of how we produce a Your Life Video is broken down for you in 12 basic steps. Keep in mind, however, that each video has a life of its own and the following is a guideline only.

1. Meet with client (preferably face-to-face). Listen. Talk. Focus on what the client wants to do, on "must" objectives of video and on the budget. (If the face-to-face meeting is out of town, some key interviews can be conducted and photos reviewed on the same day.)

2. Submit preliminary creative and cost options to client. Client responds.

3. Submit contract to client outlining the plan and re-capping goals, mutual obligations, budget, payment terms, etc. Modify contract to client's satisfaction and have contract signed by both parties. Client sends advance payment (usually one-third) to Your Life.

4. Assemble project team. Make advance arrangements for editing, hard-to-reach participants, etc. Send critical path to client.

5. Conduct primary research (interviews, review of photos, etc.) and brainstorm for creative concepts.

6. Submit creative concept(s) and plan to client. Client responds.

7. Write script/submit to client. In the case of an unscripted show, submit a detailed creative plan to client.

8. Revise/rewrite script based on client changes (big or little) and resubmit to client.

9. Client loves script. Line up people/locations for shoot.

10. Shoot video (second deposit usually required before principal photography begins).

11. Edit video. Show client the off-line, or 'rough-cut' (if face-to-face meetings aren't possible, approval versions can be streamed over the Internet — it's simple, and it’s broadcast-quality). Discuss changes with client.

12. Send client 'final' video (yes, we can still make changes). Client signs off on completed video. Extra copies made. (Your Life can be available to set-up and supervise screening.) Final payment due within 30 days.

Please note: key steps can vary based on video's timeline, location of client and other factors. Some steps will overlap. For example, we often consult video participants about their schedules before script is completed. Terms and method of payment can be tailored to fit client's comfort level. The timeline varies with the client's needs. But we typically like to have at least four weeks to do a substantial project, and prefer a longer lead time.

For a more detailed explanation of how it all works, please contact Bob Pomerantz, CEO, by emailing .

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